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  • Agency of choice
    Agency of choice

    Giselle Camoens - HR Manager, DAL Group

    ​Conor and the team at Freecruiter possess everything a client desires from a recruitment agency. From the depth of their recruiting processes to their exceptional candidate care, Freecruiter demonstrates their durability as an agency of choice through every interaction; a vital factor for clients who, like me, are seeking a long-term partnership with a provider that truly understands the industries they service.  Freecruiter have a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities our sector is facing and use this knowledge to ensure that the longer term interests of my organization are front and center of their talent acquisition processes. Thank you, Freecruiter. You are truly awesome!

  • Super Helpful and Thorough
    Super Helpful and Thorough

    Adrian Azodi - Global Commercial Director, Fresha

    ​The Freecruiter team have been super helpful and thorough whenever we've worked together to find, interview and hire new talent to our teams. They provide quality candidates, helps to filter and segment them based on criteria we've developed beforehand, screens them well in advance, ensures that we have a clear picture of their compensation expectations, and we've had a great experience with the work performance from the team members we've hired through Freecruiter. Would happily recommend them to anyone looking for talent!

  • Great Candidates
    Great Candidates

    Sarah Siddiqui - Operations Manager, The Lighthouse Arabia

    ​It has been a pleasure to work with Freecruiter over the last few months. They are extremely responsive and resourceful in sending us some great candidates. We really appreciate the fact that they took the time to understand our business needs and continue to work closely with us to ensure we fill positions with the right people.

  • Very Dedicated
    Very Dedicated

    Rasha Higgazy - HR Director, JRCC

    One of the very few talent acquisition and recruitment consultancies who make sure to partner and spend enough quality time with the clients to understand their needs. They are very dedicated in providing the best quality service and always go the extra mile to ensure the full satisfaction of their clients.

  • Excellence of Service
    Excellence of Service

    Fella Boudjema - Regional Manager MENA, CTS

    Creative Technology Solutions DMCC, has used the services of Freecruiter since 2019 and this collaboration has turned to be very fruitful with the constant recruitment adjustment done from Freecruiter to fit the specific needs of CTS. I have had the pleasure personally to deal with Freecruiter founder and CEO, who has shown a better understanding of CTS needs and the way we would like candidates' CVs to be filtered. The excellent follow-up, constant update, and the quality of candidates are the best witness of Freecruiter's work, who are highly recommended to any company looking for excellence of service.