Freecruiter - Recruiting the better way


Who are we?

Freecruiter was established by veterans of the recruitment industry, who over the course of time have identified certain inefficiencies or potential areas for improvement in current industry practices. Working practices across the plethora of recruitment agencies and job boards on the market are well established, and as such are difficult to overhaul, and so the only option left was to try and make the broken system better ourselves.

Our solution

Having noticed that in the current format employers have to either spend many valuable resources and hours searching for their own candidates on a job board after being sold a singular job posting for $150+ with no guaranteed results of good candidates, OR have to pay high fees to a recruitment agency to search their limited network to find talent; we decided that this needed to stop! So welcome, the Middle East’s first crowdsourced recruitment platform. We allow you to set your own recruiter reward fee to be paid upon successful hire, and post your job and to a network of 1000’s of recruiters and industry professionals. They will search their extensive personal and professional databases on your behalf in order to identify the right candidate for an organisation in the most time-efficient way. As you can imagine, a single agency’s, recruiter’s, or any individual’s ability to refer candidates is inherently limited by time and reach.


Tired of Managing Candidates in various systems?

By consolidating all of the applicants into one seamless system it allows you to focus on the hiring process and not talent management across your emails, job portals and HRM systems.

Why do we think this works better?

Traditional recruitment is outdated and does not utilise current technology to take advantage of extensive referral networks that exist today. is the future of hiring, employing the practice of crowdsourcing to leverage an unlimited number of recruiter networks whilst putting the power back in your hands to pay only for the candidates that suit your businesses needs.

Give it a try – you only pay if we deliver results! Visit our employers landing page to start.