Job Seekers FAQ

Freecruiter is a crowdsourcing recruitment company, based in the UAE.

No. Registering on Freecruiter is free.

Congratulations! You have been recommended to a position by a freelance recruiter, this means that one of our freelance recruiters think you are a great fit for the position they have referred you to. Click on the link in the email to complete your application.

Yes. You can search and view job postings without having to register however, to apply for a job you need to register as a candidate and create your Freecruiter profile. This is a simple process that should not take more than 5 minutes.

Profile strength is an indication of the completion of your online profile. To maximise your chances of a successful application, and to ensure you are providing the employer sufficient information, we require your profile strength to be above 60% in order to apply for a job. Don’t worry, just your basic personal information and couple of most recent employment histories will get you there!

You can either search by keywords (job title, company name, etc.) or using the standard filters, such as the job location, industry, function, and similar.

Becoming a Premium user gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants, allowing you to proactively improve your likelihood of securing a position.

Some of our key benefits include:

CV Highlighting - Apply for a job as a highlight candidate. On average this can result in more than five times the number of profile views from an employer than a non premium candidate would receive.
List of "Who Has Viewed Your Profile" - View all employers that have visited your profile, research the companies, and see which positions they are searching for.
Message Employers Directly - Contact employers directly, you receive unlimited messages to companies if they have viewed your profile - and up to 10 direct mails per month to any other employers of your choice.
View Information of Other Applicants - Gain access to analytics on applicants for roles you’ve applied for. See how you compare to the competition and highlight areas where you could improve your chances.

Freelance Recruiters FAQ

Freecruiter is a crowdsourcing recruitment company, based in the UAE. We aim to simplify the recruitment process by giving recruiters access to hundreds of employers actively hiring.

Freelance recruiters are an army of recruiters who recommend candidates to jobs in order to earn money online. Many of our freelance recruiters are experienced recruitment professionals but a lot of them are simply industry experts looking to earn a second income.

Freelance recruiters can earn thousands of dollars every month just by forwarding suitable candidates. We are taking care of all the time-consuming tasks, like business development, admin work, payment chasing and so on.

Yes, anyone can become a freelance recruiter and recommend candidates to positions. We recommend that you have experience or industry knowledge about the roles you recommend candidates towards. Your success and earnings depend solely on the quality of candidates you recommend to the jobs posted.

Just add their name and email address to the recommendation panel, and they will receive an email informing them to apply for the position. If they haven’t applied to the position you may follow up with them directly in order to accelerate the process.

You will earn the placement fee as soon as the candidate completes his first 30 days with the company, and the company pays the fee. Don't worry, we do all the payment chasing for you!

Everyone, from large enterprises to small and medium companies, is using Freecruiter.

Professional jobs, across all locations, functions and industries. Most of our jobs are based within the GCC, Central Europe or North America.

Average placement fees can vary significantly in different industries and countries. The minimum fee you can earn on our site is $1,000 per placed candidate, and this can go up drastically!

Once you have funds in your Freecruiter account, you can send us the request to withdraw them. If it is your first time withdrawing the funds, we will need your bank details, a copy of your ID and a proof of residence (e.g. a utility bill). To make withdrawals as easy for you as possible, we have made this the central part of your Freecruiter dashboard.

We aim to process the payment within 3 working days from the receipt of the withdrawal request, once it is processed by us we will send you a receipt of transfer via email.

We encourage you to use initiative in order to find candidates that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. The better the candidate the more likely you are to earn money.
A few ways to find candidates include: LinkedIn or other public databases, Google Search, personal connections (family, friends) and attending local networking events.

You can work anytime, any-day from anywhere you wish, that’s the beauty of Freecruiter.

You will be informed of the step-by-step process on your Freecruiter page “Track candidates”, and all changes in applications will also be emailed personally to you.

No, you can submit as many candidates as you wish, it’s in your own interest to maximise your personal earning potential by submitting as many relevant candidates as possible.

Yes if there are multiply roles for which the candidate is a good match, feel free to submit the candidate to each one.

If the candidate has already applied to this role or has previously been contacted by this employer for any other role, you are not able to submit him/her to the position.


When a candidate is referred to an employer on Freecruiter and applies, the freelance recruiter who referred the candidate first has a 90 day period of exclusivity where the candidate cannot be recommended to this employer by other freelance recruiters. 

If the candidate applies directly to a different position with the same company when they are within a freelance recruiter’s 90 day exclusivity period, this application will be treated as a referral and credited to the freelance recruiter who referred the candidate.

During this time other freelance recruiters may recommend the candidate to other employers.

You will be updated at each step of the application process. We are managing the entire interview process for you, so that you can focus on other open positions. However we also encourage you to keep in direct touch with the candidate, as you might be able to help them through their application process.

No. As per our terms of use, by using the site you agree not to share any details of the job on any other job board or a similar platform. You are welcome to use social media and any other means of communication.

We aim to review the resume on the same day we receive it, and no later than 2-3 days from the initial application.

As part of our responsibilities to our clients and financial regulations, we need to verify your identity to comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. In order to make this as easy and secure as possible, the whole process can be performed on your Freecruiter dashboard.

If any recommended candidate hired through Freecruiter leaves their position or is terminated within the first 30 days of employment, the employer is not required to complete this payment. In this instance Freecruiter will be unable to complete the payment to the freelance recruiter.

If any candidate hired through Freecruiter leaves their position or is terminated after the 31st day, the employer is still required to make the agreed upon payment in full.

Please note: We can only make the payment to freelance recruiters after we receive it from employers. 

Employers FAQ

Freecruiter is a crowdsourcing recruitment company, based in the UAE. Our goal is to make the recruitment process faster and cheaper for everyone, from local SMEs to large multinationals.

We allow employers to post their vacancies on our platform for free, setting a recruitment budget which allows our community of recruiters to fill the vacancy for them, at 20% of the standard recruitment agency cost.

Zero. We promise to keep the job postings free, forever.

Most job boards charge for job posts upfront with no guarantee that you will receive relevant candidates. We want to give employers more control over their recruitment spend, so we offer a unique pay-per-hire system, which allows your company to post jobs completely free. We will only charge you once you have interviewed and hired the applicants.

Your job will be reviewed by our in-house team for approval. As soon as it is approved it will be shown to all job seekers on the site. If you have decided to utilise our community of recruiters for the first time you will be sent our Terms of Business which you will need sign and send back to us before the job is visible on the system.


The biggest problem with job boards is that they lack the ability to draw relevant passive candidates to apply to your job posts. We have developed a globally unique system to combat this head on.

We have an army of recruiters and industry experts searching the market based on the job specifications you post on Freecruiter. All recommended CVs are then screened by our unique candidate relevancy algorithm and a specialised internal recruitment team to ensure relevancy to the job posted. You can view their information and save, shortlist, decline or request an interview with these candidates.

The aim is to offer you all the benefits of a full recruitment service in a much shorter time frame and at less than 20% of the cost.

We have developed a unique algorithm that ensures only the recruiter who referred the candidate to your company first will be eligible for the reward. You will not get spammed by different recruiters sending you the same candidate.

Our recruiters are located all over the world, with the majority operating from the Middle East, Europe and North America, however they focus on roles across the globe.

No. Our unique algorithm and specialised team of in-house recruiters led by your account manager will screen all applicants based on your exact job specifications. You will receive only the most relevant CVs.

We pride ourselves on our large and extremely diverse community of recruiters and industry experts. Our members specialise in recruiting for all major industries, no matter how specialised the roles are. If you have a recruitment need, we can help you.

No. Your contact information will not be accessible to anyone except your account manager.

If any recommended candidate hired through Freecruiter leaves their position or is terminated within the first 30 days of employment, the employer is not required to complete this payment. Freecruiter will endeavour to find a replacement as soon as possible.

If any candidate hired through Freecruiter leaves their position or is terminated after the 31st day and before payment, the employer is still required to make the agreed upon payment in full. 

If any candidate hired through Freecruiter leaves or is terminated from their position after the 31st day and after payment, Freecruiter has no responsibility to refund the payment or replace the candidate.

To simplify the transactions between Freecruiter and yourself we have created an online wallet that holds USD funds for you. To reward those who trust us with their resources, we have also designed a scheme that adds additional funds with every payment – you can earn up to an additional 10% of your deposit.

When you add funds you begin a two-year period during which the funds must be used. This period is refreshed if you purchase any further funds.

Each employer account has one main user who has the authority to modify the company profile, how the funds are spent, and monitor how the account is used in general. However, as companies can have sizeable HR/recruitment teams, we allow everyone to add an unlimited number of account users. These other users are called ‘team members' and can access the company account but are not allowed to make any changes to the company’s public profile or post jobs open to our community of recruiters without the main user's approval.

Yes, all candidates will be stored in a centralised CV folder for you or your team members to look at later. This also means if the candidate applies to a job posted by any other user your team will know their history with the company.

You can contact us through the Contact Us page, or by calling us between the hours of 9am and 6pm UAE time on +971 (0) 56 9729990.