Save up to 80% on your current recruitment spend

  • Conventional Job boards
    • Pay $150 to $500 to advertise a job with no guaranteed success. close
    • Passive job seekers are not looking on conventional job boards. close
    • Lack of quality control of applications prior to payment. close
    Recruitment Agencies
    • Pay a high % of the candidates annual salary with the average cost above $10,000. close
    • A small exposure to the candidate marketplace with 1 to 5 recruitment consultants looking for the right person. close
    • Your emails are bombarded with the same candidates due to no centralised applicant tracking system (ATS). close
  • Freecruiter
    • Post a job for free. 
    • More passive applicants viewing your jobs due to our freelance recruiter recommendations across the platform. 
    • Set your own recruitment reward starting at $2,000 or 6% of the candidates' annual salary. 
    • Thousands of specialised recruiters looking for the right person, all CVs screened by Freecruiter's in-house recruitment team.
    • All candidates processed through our market leading ATS system so you are never recommended the same candidate twice for the same job.

The Freecruiter Approach

Post a job for free and utilise thousands of recruiters' professional networks to find the perfect candidate.
  • jobs-new
    Post a Job
    For Free
    Set recruiter placement reward*
  • Attract
    It gets sent to thousands of freelance recruiters
  • Receive
    Receive handpicked and screened referred applicants
  • Review
    Review candidates and request interviews
  • Hire
    Only pay on hiring successfully
*From as low as $2,000 fixed fee or 6% of the candidates annual salary.
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Recruitment Simplified

  • Time
    Thousands of Recruiters
    One Account Manager
    • Work with one account manager but access a global network of recruiters.
    • Receive 10 qualified candidates within 10 days.
    • Manage all recruitment activities on a single platform.
  • Management
    Thousands of Recruiters
    One Contract
    • Remove bottleneck of vendor onboarding.
    • Eliminate multiple agencies contract management.
    • Track all applications and interviews in one place.
  • Finance
    Thousands of Recruiters
    One Fee
    • One singular fee for all recruiters working on the same role.
    • Set recruitment fees, and be in control of the hiring costs.
    • Benefit from a streamlined invoice process. 

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